Incredibles 2

14 years since original Disney story


My kids were 4 years old and just a few months old when the original came out and they loved it. Yesterday we saw the sequel.

My boys loved it and gave it 4.5 Stars out of 5. I gave it 4 stars. Without giving away the movie I’ll just say that a part of the plot was to make super heroes NOT illegal. Currently they are and in hiding.

This time the movie is more dialogue driven and less action. The first movie had something going on a lot and more humor. Not so much in this one. It really lacked in humor. I feel my sons loved it purely based on they missed the characters. A reunion of childhood memories.  I could have waited for the rental and saved a lot of money but would have missed out on some valuable family time.

I’d recommend…save your money for another film this summer and buy this one on DVD for the kids when it is released.

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